Romance fucked With My School Teacher

Romance fucked With My School Teacher

Romance fucked With My School Teacher

Romance With My School Teacher Hi all porn sex story friends, I am Vikrant 28 yrs old, 6feet tall, good looking with an athletic body from Mumbai and this is my real sex story of how I ended up fucking my school teacher. Coming to the sex story,

it includes me and my sex bomb teacher Velen. Sex bomb is actually the perfect word for as she is still hot at the age of 40. Her stats are 38-29-36. Yeah, she has a massive pair of tits. This incident happened last year when it was raining heavily in Mumbai and I had gone to a resort with my family and friend. As usual, like most of us, I uploaded the pics on Facebook. At night, I got a message from my teacher asking about my picnic and where I had gone because she liked the place. I couldn’t believe she messaged because it’s been almost 12yrs. I never spoke to her after school but just added her on Facebook so that I can masturbate looking at her pics. Yes, she was still the same like she was during my school days.

Slowly, our chatting increased and we exchanged our numbers and started chatting on WhatsApp. We started sharing everything with each other. In my mind, I had just one thing and that’s how can I take her to the bed. Slowly, she started discussing her marital problems and how her husband treats her, all I did was just console her. And after few days, she told me something which I was waiting to hear. She told me her husband doesn’t satisfy her at all and they do sex once a month and that too he finishes it within 5 minutes and leave her unsatisfied. I told her how can someone do such thing to a temptress like her. She was taken aback with my words and asked me do you really mean it and I said yes. The thing she asked me was to drop by her mom the very next day after she comes back from the school.

I went to her place with all excitement and took some chocolate and cake for her kids. I reached her place and she opened the door and I was spell bound to see my childhood crush and the reason of my masturbation in my front after 12 long yrs. She was wearing tight black off-shoulder top and leggings with a purple bra which can be seen. I was just lost in my world as she welcomed me. She introduced me to her kids asked them to play outside. I was unable to control myself but I did nothing as it was our 1st meeting and didn’t want to do something which will spoil everything. We were just sitting and blushing as if we were the new lovers. Then, I left her place and came home and masturbated thinking about her and came a lot.

I was lying on the bed and was waiting for her message and she messaged me saying ” you have changed a lot since the school days and have become more muscular with good looks”. I understood this is the time I should take my next step and talk boldly. I told her ” ma’am you still look the same and I pity your husband that he can’t take care of you in a right way” so she asked, “What you mean by the right way?”. So I told her if I would have been her husband I would have loved every day and satisfy all her needs. She was shocked by my statement and didn’t reply after that. I was scared now because I thought I have lost her. I must have said sorry a hundred times and finally at night she replied saying ” no need to say sorry, I was shocked to hear such things from my student so didn’t know what to reply you”,

so I gathered more courage and told her that ” your student has become big now and can handle such things;)”. Romance With My School Teacher She gave a laugh and said, ” Oh you have become a naughty big boy”. Our chatting continued for two weeks and again we made a plan to meet at her place, but this time she told me to come little late at noon when her kids go for their tuitions. I understood this is my time and I have to take my dick between her legs. I reached her place and parked my bike far from her bungalow and walked to her place. When I saw her, I had an instant hardon as she was wearing a knee-length satin nightgown with an ample show of cleavage. She told, “let me show you my house” and took me to every room and last was her bedroom.

So, I jokingly told her so this is your playground, so she became little dull and told me this playground has not been used for last 2months. So, I cleverly manipulated my words and told her it can be used anytime you want. She gave me a soft slap and told you have become very naughty and I should give you punishment and she started pinching on my arms and then twisting my ear. My ear was hurting, so I pulled her hand but didn’t leave it. We were just staring at each other and knew in my mind the time has come to make the move. Browse indiansexstories dot net for more arousing stories I started moving my hand over her hand and caressed her. She was giving me a tempting look. I then straightaway went on her and started smooching her and was getting a positive response.

We kissed each other for more than 20mins with my hands running all over her body from her boobs to ass. She had become very hot by then. So, I started removing her nightgown. She suddenly broke the kiss and started telling me “This is wrong, I am your teacher and we can’t do this. If anyone comes to know my reputation is finished” so I consoled her and said it will be just between you and me and nobody would know abt it and started kissing her again wildly. Now, I knew everything will be under my control so removed her nightgown and there was my angel in a black bra and panty. She felt very shy so I made her comfortable and removed my t-shirt and track pant. So we both were in our innerwear.

Now, she was very controllable and she held my dick over my underwear and started stroking it. I removed her panty and my underwear. She had a glow on her face looking at my dick so I asked her what happened, she told ” my husband’s dick is lame it’s not big like yours”. I told her ” you can have this dick now onwards whenever you want”, she had a smile on her face. I went down and started licking her pussy. She was moaning like hell as she was experiencing this for the first time. I put all my tongue inside her pussy and she was very wet. After some time her moaning increased and I knew she would cum now, so I started sucking rigorously and she came heavily.

There was a sense of great satisfaction on her face. I went up and started kissing her boobs over her bra. I unhooked her bra and her boobs bounced on my face. They were bigger than I imagined. I played like a baby with boobs and started sucking them hard and also biting in between and she was stroking my hard dick. Then she told, “Please fuck me now I can’t control now”. So I listened to my teacher like an obedient student and pushed my dick hard and she left out a loud moan. My cock went in easily as she was very wet. I started with soft push and after 10 mins I increased my speed and the room was filled with her moans and the “Pach patch” sound of my balls hitting her.

Her expression was so sensual that I was about to cum but I controlled because I wanted to make the most of my 1st fucking session with my teacher. While moaning in between she started saying “You have become a monster, never had sex for more than 10mins”. And it was already more than 20mins I was drilling my cock into her. I decreased my speed and had a complete look on her. The movements of her big boobs were so beautiful, it was almost hitting her face. I held her boobs and increased my speed again. She was moaning like hell and there were also tears in her eyes. After about 40mins of ramming her,

I was about to cum and shot all my cum inside her. She was shocked by this and I told her ” I just couldn’t control myself”. We both laid there for 10mins and then she got up and started cleaning herself and told me also to get dressed as her kids would be back anytime. I got dressed and went and hugged and kissed her.

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